Images courtesy Amy Moreno and Jordan Marushiak

A car discovered sunken in Lake Ontario just west of downtown Toronto last week has been pulled from the water by the Toronto Police Service (TPS), spawning a mystery about how the car ended up underwater and how long it has been there.

TPS told via email that the car was reported stolen 25 years ago, which leads us to think it was dumped in the water by the thief or thieves after they were done with it.

A report published earlier this week by BlogTO details Jordan Marushiak’s discovery of the “mussel” car – we think it’s a fifth-generation Honda Civic hatchback with the little-known bivalve option – which he spotted from the balcony of a condo he was showing to a client in a new high-rise next to Humber Bay.

He took an inflatable boat out onto the pond in which the car was submerged to capture underwater images using a GoPro camera. Amusingly, in that video we can see what looks like a parking ticket near the base of the windshield.

Marushiak published his video on May 5. The Toronto Police Service (TPS) pulled the car from the water a few days later. That activity was captured by Facebook user Amy Moreno, who filmed it from a balcony not far from the one where Marushiak made the initial discovery. Video of the extraction prompted comments in a Humber Bay Shores Discussion group on Facebook.

The TPS has not mentioned the incident on any of its social media feeds. Marushiak has promised a follow-up video.