Tropical Storm Eta, which had already made landfall in Cuba and Central America as a hurricane has now once again made landfall, this time in Southern Florida. While the storm has lost wind strength, it still has plenty of rainfall along with it, and that, as this Lamborghini driver has just discovered, means flash flooding.

Posted to Twitter by WFOJoe, and originally airing on WSVN News, Miami, the driver of this bright yellow car has evidently decided that they absolutely needed to get the car somewhere. The low-slung supercar embraces its inner Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me and is forcing its way through water that ends up coming up well over the roof.

Driving a Hurrican through a hurricane isn't a great idea, but, fortunately, the rear-mounted air intakes of the V10 seem to have managed to stay dry and keep the water out of the intake, at least for the duration of this news clip. The water itself doesn't seem deeper than about the door sills, but the wedge-shape of the nose and some excessive speed are what's sent the water over (and most likely into) the Lambo.

So other than "not this," what should you do if you encounter standing water in your vehicle? Don't drive over the water, for a start, because it can suddenly get deeper than you expected and flood your car's engine and electronics, ruining them. Cars can float away, as well, putting you in even more danger. Don't start your car in a flood, and absolutely don't try to restart it if it stalls, because an engine with just a few millilitres can hydro lock and be destroyed. We've got guides on what to do if your car gets flooded, as well as how to avoid flood-damaged cars when you're shopping after a storm like this.