Ever wonder what it would look like if you put the nose of a Ram pickup truck onto the body of a Mazda2? If you weren't before, you most likely are now. Thanks to a new Facebook group, and one of the best novelty accounts we've seen so far, you can see exactly what that nightmare mashup would bring.

The account is only a few weeks old, but it's already loaded with dozens of unholy vehicle Photoshop mashups. Cars mashed with trucks, trucks mashed with trucks, cars swapped with other cars, and even cars swapped with airplanes.

We've picked five of the ones we think are the best, but head on over to Cars Get Ruined on Facebook​ for plenty more of the most unfortunate and hilarious cases of vehicular rhinoplasty you're likely to ever see. It even looks like the site is taking requests.

Buyers love trucks. Compact cars are better for the environment. So would a compact car with the rugged front end of a pickup, complete with big brush bar, boost compact car sales? Probably not, but we like the idea.

The Fiat Multipla Van is an oddball on its own, thanks to headlights perched up above the hood where you'd normally expect to find rear-view mirrors. Why not combine it with the Pontiac Aztec for good measure, since both were much maligned when new. To top it all off, add the grille from an early 2000s E46 BMW 3 Series  between the Multipla's upper headlights. This is what happens when you combine three of the ugliest cars known to the modern world.

Internet forums have whined relentlessly that Toyota's new Supra is actually a BMW at heart. So why not fit it with a BMW front end? The one from the new X6 looks to bolt on nicely. Ok, maybe nicely is a poor choice of words.

You might have to look closely at this one to see what's really different. It took us a second, that's for sure. It combines two pony car rivals, putting the nose of a 2005 Ford Mustang on the body of a 2019 Chevrolet Camaro. We can practically hear the outrage from Detroit all the way in our Toronto offices.

It's the fastest Ute in the world. A Holden Maloo SS car-truck that's been combined with the front of a McLaren F1. An odd combination of British carbon fibre and Australian steel. We kind of like it. Of course, both coming in a similar shade of orange probably made the whole thing easier to handle.