Police in Toronto are looking for a group of drivers who shut down one of the city's major highways so they could do donuts in the middle of the roadway.

OPP Sgt Kerry Schmidt posted the video to social media Sunday, calling it "not only dangerous and illegal, it is disappointing," citing the "mob mentality" required to conduct the organized effort of blocking off a major road, highway 409 near the airport, to break the law and do stunts like this. A large group stopped traffic and lined the road to watch the illegal activities, so it was a coordinated effort.

If you see activity like this on the highway, call 911 to report it. Yes, this is an emergency — it's dangerous and could cause an even larger emergency. As always, if you want to have fun with your car, there's always the race track or find some private property where you can do this safely. And as Schmidt asks in the tweet, "we are better than this...aren’t we?"