The all-new BMW 3 Series sedan and 4 Series coupe aren't getting a manual gearbox this time around. If you wanted the hot versions of these cars, and weren't happy with this news, then we've got some better news for you. The M versions will get that stick.

Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW M, spoke with BMW Blog at a recent event in Ontario. He's the one who gave up the goods.

"It’s a bit early to disclose all the details but something I want to highlight is that we will have a manual stick shift,” he said.

Why? Character and feel. Analogue over digital.

"Manual is very important," said Flasch. "The manual stick shift is not a performance-bringer, because an automatic transmission is just faster, you can ask any race driver. But it gives the vehicle character and I kind of compare it to people who love mechanical watches: it isn’t more precise and it doesn’t have any advantage at all, but it’s a character feature. So is a stick shift."

The new M3 and M4 will get more drive, too. Adding all-wheel drive when the new model shows up sometime in 2021, the report says. And that there will be both a rear-drive and all-wheel drive model available.

But if you want a stick and AWD, you may be out of luck. The site says its sources cite that AWD will be auto-only, and that includes any Competition versions, which will get AWD and the auto.