This week, it's a bit of a break from sports cars and exotics. This week we're thinking about vacations, because has more than just cars, trucks, and crossovers – we've got RVs too. Like this one, which shows that you don't need a lumbering beast to take all the amenities of home with you. It's a right-hand drive, manual-transmission RV – with 4x4.

When it comes to the RV, the sky is probably not even a limit. Your options range from a tent that'll attach to the back of a motorcycle, to a bus-based RV that is more luxurious than just about any new McMansion. Somewhere in that chasm, you'll find this, the Find of the Week: a 1992 Toyota TownAce.

We'll start with the underpinnings. Maybe you've seen one of the tiny RVs based on a Toyota dually pickup that were popular 30 years ago. This is like that, but a little different. It's a TownAce underneath. That's Toyota's small van, sitting in the middle of Toyota's van lineup.

The TownAce was actually sold here – badged as the Toyota Van. That's the really odd van the company sold even before the Previa. They were HiLux-based, sort of, taking parts from that pickup like suspension bits, but with its own spin on things.

It's not a kei van, but it's not exactly domestic-minivan-size either. But it uses its footprint with a VW-bus-like efficiency: a nearly vertical nose, tail, and everything in between; with the engine between the seats in a sort of mid-engine layout.

Under the, uh, seats is a 1.8L gas engine. There were a host of similarly sized gas and diesel engines on offer. This unit is not exactly a powerhouse at around 80 ponies, but hey, at least there's a stick to make the most of it.

And that's one heck of a stick. You've heard of a three on the tree before, right? Well, how about a five-speed manual with the shifter located where the turn signal switch should be?

Yeah, that might take some getting used to, but at least nobody will ever steal it! And look at that sweet, sweet aftermarket wheel that this particular copy has. That's cool enough to make up for it for sure.

And this one is even better than just that cool Japan van. This one's been converted into a tenement on wheels RV.

Badged as a Ne'o, we weren't able to find all that much about this RV's maker. But there's not that much you really need to know. It's a big fibreglass box that's attached to the back of the van cab.

It's bigger than you might think. Seating for seven, the ad says, with five of those getting to use the extra-comfy rear bench seats – that are actually benches... with seatbelts.

It probably won't sleep seven, but if you want to try that, then we certainly won't judge you. Just about the whole thing will transform into a bed, though, and there's a bunk bed too.

Despite the small size, there are all the RV elements you need. There's a two-burner propane stove! There's a sink! There's even a toilet in this little camper! Though you might not want to share it with six friends. If you do, there looks to be a shower head in the back that you can use to at least try and keep it (and all of you) smelling fresh.

While tiny RVs aren't always winter-ready, this one is said to be insulated for winter comfort. There's a Webasto gasoline furnace that uses the RV's main gas tank to help keep you warm. There's the TownAce's own air conditioning, but's also fitted with a household-style AC unit – though the seller says it needs some repairs.

Heat and AC to keep you comfy, and a three-way fridge to keep your food as chill as you are.

And if that's not enough, here's the pièce de résistance on this little RV. It's four-wheel drive. That's not some fancy AWD system, this is real 4x4: a manual transfer case that even comes with low range. So you can try and take this little RV off-road. Or at least through some slippery surfaces. You probably don't want to rock crawl with it, but we won't tell you what to do.

It's for sale in Coquitlam, BC, with just over 138,000 km on the odometer. There's still plenty of summer and fall left, which means that you'll get lots of time this year to give it a go. The seller says it needs a couple of things, like the AC and a repair to the vinyl awning, but how often are you going to find something like this? Not often, we'd bet.