Reports coming from the US say that the Prius c is disappearing, but Canadian hybrid hatch fans will be happy to know that they'll be c-ing Toyota's littlest hybrid for at least another year.

With the announcement of the Corolla hybrid, Toyota's lineup starts to look a touch crowded. After all, they already have the regular Prius and the smaller Prius c in the lineup. In the US, Autoblog reports that Toyota confirms the c is the odd one out and will be cut from the lineup.

North of the border, Toyota Canada tells us a different story, claiming that they have no plans to discontinue the littlest hybrid. Turns out that every stop it makes, it makes a new friend. Well, maybe not every stop, but sales of the c and its 5.1 L/100 km combined were up 14 percent in January compared to the year before. Toyota spokesperson Romaric Lartilleux told us that "there is a demand for fuel-efficient subcompact cars in Canada." Adding that "we will introduce the Corolla hybrid in the Spring, we don’t see it as a replacement of the Prius c, but as a new addition in our hybrid lineup."

It's not the only time in the last few years that Toyota has kept Canada hatching when the US saw the liftgate leave. Just last month, when the Yaris hatch was discontinued for the American market, Toyota Canada told us that the vehicle was selling well and would remain on our roads, expected to be replaced with a new car for 2020.

The larger Prius, the big V, was extended in Canada for 2018, after being dropped in the US after 2017, and actually gained Toyota's Safety Sense P that added automatic high-beams, radar cruise control, and more. The bigger Venza crossover got an extra year in Canada for 2016 that added a special Redwood Edition with fancy leather seats. And if you want to go way back, from 2003-2005, the Echo was offered as a hatchback only in Canada.

So as long as Canadians keep hatching, Toyota looks to continue offering them the option, leaving American neighbours surprised when they can fit all that stuff in the back at the Costco across the border.