Yesterday would have been the 121st birthday of Enzo Ferrari. Born February 18, 1898, in Modena, Italy. There's not a new car revealed this week to mark it, but the automaker that wears his name did still have a tribute for Il Commendatore.

In the video, Ferrari the company says that they have often wondered what Ferrari the man would think of the company's cars today. To try and answer that question, "we have matched some of his most memorable quotes with images of today."

The clips were taken from a television interview given by Enzo Ferrari, one of the last he gave before his passing in 1988.

Enzo Ferrari talks about the development of his cars like raising a child, the unmistakable symphony of a V12, and the need to use the highest technologies to build the finest cars. Ferrari also talks about the relevance of racing cars to production cars, and how the ideas made on the track aren't always better, but sometimes just something different is enough.