Aston Martin is trickling out more details of the upcoming Valkyrie hypercar. This time it's more about the engine. A V12 that can spin to the moon and back.

Ok, maybe not quite to the moon. But it can definitely spin to motorcycle levels. Aston has turned it up to eleven. 11,100 rpm. Eleven thousand, one hundred RPM. Take that, Honda S2000 and Mazda RX-8.

To go with that stratospheric redline is a prodigious power output. A nice even 1,000 hp. All the way up at 10,500 rpm. Peak power from the Cosworth-designed engine is 546 lb-ft of torque.

That's not the power output for the final car, though. That's just the gas portion. The car will get a battery hybrid system that will boost the total power figure even further.

The engine is a stressed member of the chassis – it's holding the back wheels to the rest of the car. But despite that, it's just 206 kg.

How did Cosworth manage that? It's the details. Like titanium rods and pistons. And take a look at the crankshaft. It starts out as a solid steel bar. It's then heat-treated, ground, and machined multiple times. The whole process eats away 80 percent of the original bar and takes six months. But produces a crank half the weight of the one that goes into the One-77's V12.

Aston says it evokes the Formula 1 engines of the 1990s, but adds two decades of engineering. We can't wait to hear it.