BMW Shows M8 in Photos, Gives New Details

To go with the coupe and convertible versions of its new 8 Series, BMW has let us know that there is an upcoming M version. Now the German automaker is teasing us with some photos and some new information about the hotter M8.

The engine will be a "high-revving" twin-turbo V8 that the company says will produce "north of 600 hp." That sounds a lot like the 4.4L V8 that makes 600 hp in the regular M5 sedan and 617 in the M5 Competition. 617 is definitely north of 600, so that seems like the likely candidate.

That engine will use BMW's xDrive all-wheel drive system. The system can be left in rear-biased standard mode for more grip, but it can also be set to either an M Dynamic mode for "controlled drifts" or rear-drive only mode that BMW calls "free to lay on a driving experience of absolute purity." The Active M rear differential can lock the rear wheels from zero to 100 percent to make sure power is evenly apportioned.

While the regular 8 is pitched as more of a grand tourer, BMW says that the M8 will be, unsurprisingly, sharper. It will have a wider front track along with M-specific bushings and links, firmer roll bars, and stiffer suspension wishbones. New bracing increases front-end rigidity. the dampers are adaptive and electronically controlled.

BMW says that the variable-effort steering will give more stability at speed and low effort in city driving while letting the car remain nimble to steer. Larger 395 mm front brake discs are standard, with 400 mm M carbon-ceramic units optional. Finally, 19-inch wheels will be standard with 20s as an option. Both get staggered-size M-specific ultra-high-performance tires.

The M8 will launch sometime next year. In the meantime, enjoy these mildly camouflaged photos.

 Ahoy, M8 11/9/2018 1:43:01 PM