British sports car maker McLaren has built a full-size Lego version of its 720S, now on display at LA's Petersen Automotive Museum.

Notably, at 3,200 pounds (about 1,451 kg), the 1:1 scale model actually weighs more than the real deal, which tips the scales at well under 1,300 kg.

McLaren worked with Lego to create the model using computed-aided design, with a team of six spending over 2,000 hours clicking together more than 280,000 of the iconic plastic bricks around a steel frame.

Comparatively, it takes McLaren just 12 working days to build a road-going 720S.

All the Lego 720S has in common with the real thing is a set of Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires and rims.

The finishing touches were made by museum visitors, who got to place the final bricks on the model on June 2. 

The 1:1 scale model will be on display at the Petersen until August 19.