The engineering and marketing teams at automakers like cars and they like to have fun too. Even if it can be hard to tell when you're slogging through a three-page press release about a new window switch. For April first, the beancounters loosen the leash a little bit and you get a wave of April Fools fake stories. Some funny, some miss the mark, and some we wish were real. So here is a look at some of the best automotive April Fools of 2018.

Most "We don't think they're actually joking"

McLaren announced yesterday that their workers were going to even new lengths to gain efficiency. Like daily monitoring of how deep the lake at their Technology Center is, or measuring the size of the floor tiles. Or taking synchronised tea breaks. Again, those really do seem like something McLaren might already be doing.

Most Likely to Sell in the US

Volkswagen has spent more than a decade trying to optimise its cars and SUVs for the US market. Aston Martin has hit the bulls-eye in one attempt: the Project Sparta. Designed alongside the DBX crossover, this is the Aston Monster Truck. Unlike the supercharged and big-cube Bigfoot, this one gets a 1,000 hp naturally aspirated V12. Aston also announced that three-time Le Mans winner and team driver Darren Turner would compete in the full Monster Jam series in 2019 with the monster.

Most Wanted by Parents

Skoda said it came from Chief of Family Relations, Professor Si Lence, and Special Projects boss Dr April Fürst. It won't keep calm in the back seat, but it'll stop you from caring. Or noticing.

Most Shots Fired at the Competition

The convertible crossover is, unfortunately, not a joke. Range Rover and Nissan have been there and done that. Now Volkswagen is doing it with the upcoming T-Cross. Honda says enough is enough.

The CR-V Roadster was designed not by engineering, but by designers with a chop saw. "Our sales target is somewhat conservative to start with, at zero cars, but we are confident that once the minor glitches are ironed out, such as the lack of roof and the fact it is totally structurally unsound, the car will fly out of showrooms," said Honda Future Opportunity Occupational Lead, Eipurirufūru. Which yes, is just April Fools in Japanese. Take that, Murano Cross Cabrio.

Most "We Want This and We Want it Now!"

BMW adventure bikes can travel the world. But the company knows that just one broken part can end your expedition, or worse. So they've added the new BMW Motorrad iParts. It's a 3D printer that lets customers and dealers print spare parts. Anywhere, anytime. All you need is the printer and an internet connection and you can print the part you need. Even at the North Pole.

Most Likely to Tank Company Shares

Let's face it. No matter how out-there of a product or feature Elon Musk promised for April Fools, we'd probably believe it. Remember that he just sent his used car into space and sold out on the not-a-flamethrower that was definitely a flamethrower. So what do you do for a joke?

Declare bankruptcy. Yeah, that one had us puzzled too. But Musk declared that "Tesla has gone completely and totally bankrupt. So bankrupt, you can't believe it." Fortunately, as Michael Scott is now aware, you can't just declare bankruptcy. You need to file for it. Tesla is, as far as we know, still solvent. Teslaquila sounds like a pretty cool idea though.

Most Agricultural

You're probably familiar with Lamborghini's agricultural heritage, but fewer people know about Porsche's. The brand wanted to change that this year with the new - and super cool - Mission E electric tractor. And yes, Porsche says it will turn "a pretty good lap time on the Nordschleife."

Most Orwellian

Lexus announced a partnership with DNA testing firm 23andMe that was a little too futuristic for our tastes. The new Lexus Genetic Select system would analyze your DNA to pick the perfect colour, trip, horsepower, seating configuration, and radio presets "within a 99.99967 percent degree of accuracy." Things like no sunroof if you're predisposed to hair loss, and tinted windows if you have freckles. Oh, and then just lick your steering wheel to start the car. No key needed.