Nissan has just revealed the livery for their new Formula E car. And the electric racer looks wonderfully futuristic.

The company has put more work into the car's looks than you might expect. It's inspired by the Doppler effect, the effect that causes sounds to increase in pitch as they move toward you and decrease as they move away. The company wants it to look like a sonic boom driving by. A visual effect to contrast with the silent running of the car.

It's Nissan's first time entering the FIA's electric racing series. The Season 5 Formula E car is all new, which gave the team the opportunity to accent the new sharper aerodynamic chassis with a sharp look.

"At first glance the season five Formula E car looked to our design team like an EV-powered supersonic bird in flight," said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president of global design at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. "Naturally this initial reaction from the team started us on a path that captured a sense of a form breaking free of resistance and gravity."

Nissan has been working with Renault to develop the technical package for the car. That's the motor along with how the car manages the battery. The series uses a common chassis and standard battery. The new pack increases maximum power and allows the teams to complete the race on a single charge.

Nissan hasn't yet announced its drivers for the 2018-2019 season, which starts this fall and is expected to visit cities including Hong Kong, Berlin, and Rome. The Montreal race has been dropped from the calendar.