The fastest car in the world has landed at the Canadian International AutoShow, with Swedish supercar company founder and CEO Christian von Koenigsegg helping launch media day with the first official Canadian appearance of the 447 km/h two-seat Agera RS hypercar.

The first delivery of its flagship sports car to a Canadian customer will take place in the weeks following the show, said von Koenigsegg in an interview. It’ll be the first car the company has officially sold in the Great White North.

“And yes, in Sweden, we actually offer winter tires for it.”

The 1,360 hp Agera RS is the exotic sports car of the current Koenigsegg lineup, although all units have now been spoken for, he said. The company set five records for the Agera RS in November 2017:

  • Highest top speed achieved by a production vehicle (two-way average) – 447.19 km/h
  • Zero to 400 km/h – 33.29 seconds
  • Flying kilometre on a public road (two-way average) – 445.63 km/h
  • Flying mile on a public road (two-way average) – 444.76 km/h
  • Highest speed achieved on a public road (single direction) – 457.94 km/h

“That event actually came about because an owner wanted to test out how fast his car could actually go,” said Koenigsegg. “Of course we were curious ourselves, so we thought we could help support him to actually find out what it could do on closed-down public roads.”

The Koenigsegg Agera RS will be part of the Auto Exotica display at the auto show in Toronto, along with notable luxury and boutique brands such as Aston Martin, Bugatti, Callaway Corvette, Lamborghini, Bentley, Karma, McLaren, Pagani, Rolls-Royce, Lotus, and Tesla.

The least expensive vehicle in that room will be the Tesla Model 3, also making its Canadian debut at the show. But like most of the rare and pricey machines on display in this showcase, and unlike the vehicles on the main show floor, its doors will be locked for the show’s public days, which run from February 16–25.

Von Koenigsegg said that the company is in a transition phase right now, as its other model, the more comfort- and luxury-oriented Regera plug-in hybrid, is also sold out.

“Basically at the moment, we don’t have any new cars to sell,” said the CEO about his firm’s launch in Canada. “So we’re ramping up the replacement for the Agera RS,” which he says should be available in two years.