Hyundai is bringing mobile EV charging to the streets of Montreal, starting this spring.

Hyundai's Charge Here service will give Ioniq EV owners who need an emergency boost up to 7 kW of charge in about 20 minutes. That's enough of a charge to give a range of about 40 km. That should get owners home in an emergency.

Hyundai will be operating the Charge Here service as an extension of its roadside assistance program, similar to the emergency gas delivery service they currently offer for owners of gas-powered cars. Like roadside assistance, the service will be complimentary for five years from the date of purchasing a new Hyundai EV.

The charging vehicle will be a Hyundai Ioniq with a special power converter in the hatch and two Level 3 EV charge cables. It has been programmed to allow it to charge other cars at Level 3 speeds using the Ioniq's battery. The Charge Here system was designed for the Ioniq EV, but will work with other EVs that have the same CCS connector.

The service will initially operate exclusively in a defined region of greater Montreal. That's where the Ioniq EV has seen the most sales, and nearly 50 percent of Ioniq EV sales were in Quebec. Hyundai is studying where specifically in Montreal to deploy, and whether to expand to other regions.