Our autoTRADER.ca Find of the Week this week is a big, bold, loud, and fast Corvette. But this isn't just any old stock 'Vette. This is a show-ready Corvette with massive engine upgrades, fully custom interior and paint... and Lamborghini doors.

It started out as a 2005 C6-model Chevrolet Corvette. That model came with a 6.0L V8 that made 400 hp. Hardly what you would call a slouch, but this one has a few changes.

The engine got a boost. A big boost, from a Vortech supercharger kit by A & A Corvette Performance. But that's not all. To support that boost, there are bigger injectors and a high capacity fuel pump. Making even more power is an A & A camshaft, and making sure the valves can handle it are double valve-springs.


Making sure the air can flow in is a larger mass air flow sensor and a 4.75-inch intake pipe. Letting the air out are American Racing headers and a Corsa performance exhaust.

Helping add even more power is a methanol injection kit. That also lowers intake temperatures, allowing for even more boost.

Putting that power to the ground is a custom RPM Performance four-speed automatic transmission with a higher RPM stall converter. In the rear axle is a DTE Stage 2 limited-slip differential.

To try and give the car some semblance of rear traction, the rear wheels are 10.5-inches wide, with 305/30ZR20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. The suspension has been upgraded to Z06 shocks and springs.

All of those modifications work together to create an 800 hp monster. 

The Corvette got a makeover inside and out. Inside there is carbon fibre trim throughout the cabin. The Corvette Racing logo is embroidered on the seats, the center console, floor mats and even the seatbelt covers. Extra gauges help the driver keep an eye on that monster underhood.

The exterior has an updated body kit with ZR1-style side skirts, a Z06 front spoiler, and a custom rear diffuser. The headlights are from the 60th-anniversary Corvette, and the taillights have been blacked out.

The paint is a special cobalt blue shade, with lots of airbrushing. There are ghost-flames, a Corvette Racing logo on the hood, and more by the taillights. Look under the hood and there is a carbon fibre-look engine cover with a Corvette Racing logo, ghost flames on the valve covers, and extensive pinstriping throughout. The underside of the hood has Betty Boop pin-up style artwork, surrounded by fireworks.

And to finish it all off, this Corvette has Lamborghini scissor doors. Normally we question putting those on anything that didn't originally come from Sant'Agata, but with this much power and this much paintwork, we might make an exception.

This car is a one-off work of art that would be very difficult to duplicate. The huge pile of trophies sitting beside it in the showroom is a testament to that. But while you might not be able to build it, you can certainly buy it. It's for sale in Scarborough, ON, and it's our autoTRADER.ca Find of the Week.