Every December, people begin decorating their cars for the holidays. It starts with some antlers and a red nose, or maybe a big red bow. Then it escalates covering your car with lights and tinsel, even a music-timed light show. Maybe we'll blame Lexus for starting it when they put a bow on an SC400 in 1998. Wherever it started, decorating your car is getting more and more popular. So here are 11 of the best Christmas-decorated cars, trucks, and vehicles around.

Sometimes subtle is best. Like this Lamborghini Gallardo with just a small Rudolph nose and some antlers. Ready for the holidays. Wonder how fast those antlers are rated for.

Or the classy wreath on the nose of this Porsche 356. A ribbon, holly, and pine cones. As timeless as the car it's perched on.

Then it escalates. You did a wreath last year, so you need something new this year. Like some lights. Check out this Ford Expedition that's covered with Christmas lights. It looks festive, but you might get a ticket in your stocking if you drive around with them on.

After lights, the sky's the limit. Check out this VW Type 2 with flowers, garland, tinsel, and bells. Oh yeah, and a six-foot-tall elf hat. This one won a prize in a Santa Toy Run in the UK.

The next logical step: 20,000 LEDs, computer control, and a 400-watt synchronized sound system. That's the Ozinga Concrete Merry Mixer. See more of the interactive cement Mixer that's been touring Chicago on the company's YouTube page. The Merry Mixer is being used to raise funds and toys for local children's hospitals.

The more space you have to work with, the more lights you can put on the vehicle. Check out this fire truck. It's actually a pizza truck, for a Florida pizza place, but it's a Christmas truck this time of year.

Exotic cars get decorated too. Check out this Ferrari 250 GTO Breadvan. It's the only one of its kind in the world, and here it is doing holiday duties.

Or this McLaren F1 GTR. It's one of the real race cars, and it competed in (and won) the All Japan Touring Car Championship. This car was converted to road use, and now it's getting sap all over that carbon bodywork.

This one will bring Christmas cheer...whether you want it or not. It's an M26 Pershing heavy tank. The decorations were done by the US Army's 1st Batallion, 72nd Armor Regiment.

Flying in with more decorations is Air Berlin. The now-closed airline did several Christmas-liveried aircraft over the years.

Finally, the longest running one on the list. The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train. Since 1999, it's run cross country to put on concerts and help food banks. The decorated cars have built-in stages to help the show go on.

Of course, Christmas isn't the only holiday in December. But it is the one that gets big, bright, and bold on the outside of our cars. We did manage to find some decorated Hanukkah cars, and while they are less bold, this one still shows some dedication. And yes, they do light up.