Nissan is teaming up with Margot Robbie to bring to light that up to 1.3 billion people live without access to electricity. So they have created a video about Nissan's sustainability projects and energy storage efforts. Oh, and they've set a record for towing with an electric van.

Robbie stresses that electricity is vital to reducing poverty and improving health, but that access to electricity is not available to much of the population.

Robbie, known for her roles in Suicide Squad as well as The Wolf of Wall Street, uses the video to announce Nissan's electric ecosystem. Robbie is Nissan's electric vehicle and intelligent mobility ambassador. Robbie's smart house in the video uses a controller that can decide when to use grid power, and when to use solar or stored power.

The video touts that the Leaf can be used to store renewable energy, via charging, but can use that for later. It also talks about using vehicle batteries that are past their best for cars (but are still useful) for energy storage and later sale to the grid.

Nissan's efforts to bring electricity to more people includes three pilot projects. The first is building a micro-grid that can provide a sustainable power source for a community in a developing nation. The second is to implement the Nissan Electric Ecosystem that uses cars and battery packs as energy storage system. The third is to partner with organizations in areas regularly affected by natural disaster to deploy their batteries as mobile backup power in the event of outages.

And as Robbie drives her new Leaf off of a moving trailer, Robbie pulls ahead to see that her green cabin is being towed by another electric, the all-new e-NV200. The just-launched (in Europe) electric van uses the same 40 kWh battery pack as the new Leaf, along with a 109 hp electric motor.

Nissan said that it's a world record for towing with an electric van. Even if they did leaf out exactly what the weight of the trailer was. 

Robbie was in Canada recently for the premiere of her new movie I,Tonya, a biopic where she starred as disgraced former US skater Tonya Harding.