Jaguar has unveiled a "connected" steering wheel it says could be the only part of a car future drivers will own.

Dubbed Sayer, after a prominent designer who worked for Jaguar for nearly 20 years, this voice activated and artificial intelligence-powered device would allow its owner to summon a vehicle shared with other drivers in their community.

Jaguar says it also envisioned Sayer as a virtual personal assistant that would provide reminders for when to wake up to get to work on time, summon an autonomous car and even suggest what parts of the journey its human might enjoy driving themselves. Sayer was also conceived "to carry out hundreds" of other tasks.

Sayer is part of Jaguar's new FUTURE-TYPE vision concept, which will be on display this weekend at the Central Saint Martins art and design college in London as part of the inaugural Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest, a free event the automaker says will highlight "how technology is being used to make a positive difference."