It might be the first car to ever be impounded on a test drive. At least the first car impounded on a test drive that didn't end in auto theft charges.

Toronto Police caught this 2017 R8 Spyder on a test drive Wednesday morning. The potential buyer thought that a sunny day was the best time to drop the roof and drop the right pedal. When the 30-year-old driver passed a Toronto Police Service motorcycle squad member, he was doing 157 km/h. With a salesperson in the passenger seat. While highway 427 can feel like a speedway some of the time, it's really not. The limit is 100 km/h. Even if you're in a hot convertible sports car and it's a nice day.

A ticket for more than 50 km/h over the limit comes with some serious consequences in Ontario. Like a fine of up to $10,000, an automatic seven-day license suspension, and a salesperson who is going to have to explain to their boss why a brand new R8 is being impounded for seven days.

There is also the very serious consequence of the Toronto Police getting in a pretty good dig on Twitter at your expense. In this case, it was "should have taken it to the track. Now we are taking it to the pound." We wonder if the local Audi dealers have a "you get it towed away, you bought it" policy? If not, maybe they should think about it.