Montreal native and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Barbara Davidson used a Volvo XC60's safety cameras to create art, in an exhibition that is the first of its kind.

Volvo Cars gave one of their new XC60 SUVs to the award winning photographer and she created a gallery that is a world first. Volvo said "this is the first time ever that a car is used as a camera by a photographer." Davidson took the XC60 around Copenhagen to create a collection of around 30 photographs.

Davidson has had a long relationship with Volvo and safety. She said that "when I was a young girl, I was in a severe car accident. And I was told at the time, the reason I survived it after the car flipped, was because it was a Volvo"

The exhibition used the onboard safety cameras in the XC60 to "capture life on the streets of the Danish capital Copenhagen from a completely fresh perspective." You can see in the photos how the XC60's City Safe system recognises pedestrians and other vehicles.

The exhibition, called Moments, was first displayed at London's Canvas Studios Gallery and will travel the globe during the rest of 2017.