British sports car maker Aston Martin has recalled a long list of vehicles to disable a door lock feature that sounds like something straight out of the plot of a James Bond movie.

In a range of the brand's models produced since 2009, the doors can only be unlocked via the key fob, meaning that someone inside a locked car would not be able to get out without the fob. While this could be a useful feature for a villain trying to outsmart Agent 007, it's decidedly less safe in the real world, where a closed-up car can become deathly hot in the sun.

In Canada, this recall affects 615 examples of the DB9, Vantage V8 and Vantage V8 S (2009-2015), DBS (2009-2012), Rapide and Rapid S (2010-2015), V12 Vantage and Vantage S (2012-2015), Vanquish (2012-2015), Virage (2011-2012) and Zagato (2012-2013).

Aston Martin is instructing its dealers to update the vehicles' software to deactivate what is known as the double-locking feature.