Chevrolet has already revealed the 1LE performance package, as well as the 6.2L supercharged V8 ZL1 coupe and convertible in the new sixth-generation Camaro family. That means the one that's left is the extremely track-focused Z/28. Ford has been turning heads with the Mustang GT350 and GT350R, and Chevrolet needs the Z/28 to get that focus back on the Camaro.

Spy shots have surfaced of a heavily camouflaged prototype that is said to be the 2018 Z/28, circling the Nurburgring in Germany. The new car looks more hard-core and track-focused than ever. Starting with the large front splitter, accompanied by massive canards on the corners, and ending with an absolutely enormous rear wing. The fenders are widened to fit steam-roller size tires (the outgoing model had 305 series at all four corners) on what appear to be 21-inch wheels. The side skirts have been extended to keep the tires inside the body lines. There is a vented hood to reduce lift and keep things cool, and the grille looks larger than the regular Camaro. There doesn't seem to be a rear diffuser, but with all of the other changes, it might not be necessary. Or they could just be testing with out it. [Or they could have ripped it off on a kerb - Ed]

Rumours circling about the powertrain suggest that this time the Z/28 might get more power than the ZL1 (last time, the ZL1 made 75 hp more), which along with the extra nose cooling suggests it might get the ZL1's 640 hp supercharged LT4 engine. But there have also been rumours of a turbocharged six, so it's still up in the air for now. Expect a six-speed manual, with GM's all new 10-speed as an option.

The official reveal is likely to be in early 2017 with an on-sale date of later that year.

GM has also revealed more information about that new 10-speed automatic, including some very interesting tidbits. It will debut in the 2017 ZL1, on sale soon, before moving to eight unspecified other vehicles by 2018.

The headline here is that GM claims faster than Porsche PDK shifting. A massive 36% quicker on the one-two shift and 27% on the two-three. The new gearbox has a massive 7.39 spread between first gear and tenth, compared to 7.0 for the current eight-speed (and around 4.4 for the last Corvette with a four-speed auto). The new gearbox has three overdrive ratios, down to 0.64 for low rpm, relaxed highway cruising. The 10-speed is even the same size as the existing six and eight-speeds, which saves weight, and also means it get be put in more vehicles sooner. It really shows the lengths automakers are now going to help save fuel, but with those lightning fast shifts, it all benefits performance as well.