Before the Ford Bronco became synonymous with O.J. Simpson in that painfully boring car chase that interrupted the NBA finals in '94, the two-door SUV was all bad-ass American muscle that felt like what punching someone in the face feels like.  At least that's what it felt like for me on my sixteenth birthday when after taking successfully obtaining my learner's permit, my dad tossed me the keys to his white 1990 Ford Bronco.

That car had seen better years and was a shadow of its former self by the time I pumped the gas, so my relationship with the nameplate never really matured beyond an anecdote I will someday bore my children with. Evidently, though, there is a group of passionate Ford Bronco aficionados who have been waiting and begging Ford to revive the old horse.

Though Ford has teased at a possible re-launch of the Bronco by 2020, fans at forum took it upon themselves to give Ford some help in what that truck should look like.

We can confidently add these to our list of concepts that should be made.

After seeing what they came up with and the reaction the concepts are getting on social media sites, we'll give ford designers a pass if they just "borrowed" some or all of the forum's designs for the redesigned model.