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5 Unique Features on the 2021 Toyota Venza

The Venza brings the number of hybrids offered by the brand to nine.

May 22 2020
Depreciation Appreciation: Cadillac ELR

Concept-car looks and thrifty performance from $30,000

May 22 2020
Automatic Headlights Aren’t Good Enough Anymore

It’s time for automakers to turn the lights on

April 15 2020
2020 Hyundai Venue is the Beginning of the End for Economy Cars

Cheap cars will be replaced by not-as-cheap crossovers

April 06 2020
Why Auto Journalists Don’t Mention Reliability in Car Reviews

It all comes down to well-vetted vehicles and limited time.

March 30 2020
COVID-19: Tips to Minimize Your Risk Behind the Wheel

Simple ways to keep you and your car safe and clean

March 23 2020
Subaru Could Learn Something from Dodge About Keeping Old Performance Cars Relevant

Hint: Special editions that are actually special.

March 16 2020
5 Reasons the Kia Soul is Better than a Crossover

What's in the box?

December 20 2019
VW Says Wagons Don’t Sell so It Built an Electric Concept...Wagon

An Electric Wagon in a World Averse to Both

November 20 2019
Why All-Wheel Drive Isn’t an Excuse to Opt Out of Winter Tires

Think you don't need winter tires? Think again.

October 31 2019
Protect Your Kids' Ears at Motorsport Events

Hearing loss is permanent

July 05 2019
Life with an EV: One Year and Counting

How weather and temperature affect range and battery performance.

June 21 2019
Monday Rant: Don’t Pass Open Bus and Streetcar Doors!

They say STOP for good reason.

June 17 2019
Looking Left? Look to Your Right, Too!

Turn your head when you turn your vehicle.

February 11 2019