Canadian Connection to Aston Martin's Valkyrie Hypercar

Aston Martin's Valkyrie hybrid hypercar has a Canadian connection: Its carbon fibre structural tub will be made by Toronto-based Multimatic, the company that builds the Ford GT supercar.

That's one of the facts the UK's Autocar has gleaned about the production version of the Valkyrie, which Aston and its partner, Red Bull Racing, hope to begin producing this year before delivering the first cars to paying customers in 2019.

Aston's cost-no-object two-seater will also incorporate materials so advanced they're not even used in Formula 1 racecars.

That UK-based magazine reports that Aston has dialed in the Valkyrie's final shape, which from the start has been dictated by aerodynamics ahead of appearance in a bid to outdo rivals Mercedes-AMG, whose Project One hypercar also has its design roots in F1 go-fast tech.

Aston has also reportedly finalized the Valkyrie's powertrain, which will consist of a 6.5L Cosworth V12 that, when matched with the rest of hybrid running gear, will "comfortably" reach the 1,000 hp target set early in the car's development.

Aston says the Valkyrie's development has been a "learning curve" for the manufacturer, which wants to create a car that can lap the Silverstone circuit faster than an F1 car. That's a feat that will require loads of downforce, and sources at Aston have told Autocar the Valkyrie will be good for more than 1,800 kg(!) worth of it at its top speed.

Production will be limited to 150 road-going examples and 25 race-ready cars. Despite a price tag Autocar says will be in the vicinity of GBP2.5 million, which is well over CAD$4 million by today's currency conversion rates, Aston boss Andy Palmer said the Valkyrie project is "unlikely" to make money.

Multimatic to build Valkyrie's carbon fibre tub 5/17/2018 3:54:06 PM