Top 5 Displays of the 2018 Canadian International AutoShow

It costs a lot of money to get those vehicles up on the stands at the auto show. Multiply that by however many models there are in a brand’s lineup and you’re into some serious coin.

Some automakers go to great lengths to ensure their vehicles are shown in the right setting – a creative, eye-catching display makes a better impression than a bunch of cars jammed together like an indoor parking lot (boooring).

Our handful of favourites include not only manufacturers, but two very different collectibles that have become, in their own way, as iconic as the cars they represent.


Because fibreglass mountains are so passé, the centrepiece of Jeep’s display features an actual waterfall. A Vivid Blue Cherokee is fording a pond, complete with shrubbery and moss-covered rocks, while water cascades down a sheer granite wall.

Jewels – Art and the Automobile

Art and the Automobile, presented by Cobble Beach Concours d’ Elegance, returns with another glorious display of classic motorcars . This year’s theme, entitled “Jewels”, celebrates the elegant ornaments that are as celebrated as the cars whose hoods they adorn. From exquisite Lalique doves to voluptuous winged goddesses, they’re all part of a 16-car display – with a grand piano accompaniment

50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels

Who doesn’t love Hot Wheels? In addition to six life-size cars – including the Darth Vader car – there’s a super-sized track complete with spirals and loop-the-loops, a Hot Wheels Play Zone where you can build your own track, and a Collector’s Display featuring some of the estimated six-billion models produced since the company was founded in 1968


Not only does the Blue Oval have a blazing red wall of Forza RaceSim stations, a pair of gigantic wall-mounted helmets, and the previous and current generations of the Ford GT, there’s also a life-size racecar driver built entirely out of Lego.


Kudos to Subaru for transforming that interminably long walkway connecting the North and South Halls into a light and cheery corridor that virtually spans across the country. From one coast to the other, the provinces are a topographical backdrop to a fleet of superimposed Subies.

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