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Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe Returns for a Second Generation

The Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe is getting a second go-around. The second generation of the sports coupe has just been revealed, with AMG promising an even more dynamic experience and the addition of all-wheel drive for the first time.

AMG hasn't strayed far for the exterior design of the car. The nose leans forward slightly more than before, and the car's wheels have been pushed out a bit wider, but this will be familiar to anyone who has seen the first-gen car. The new bodywork and chassis use a mix of aluminum, magnesium, and carbon fibre as well as traditional steel. AMG says it makes the car as rigid as possible while maintaining a light weight.

Active aero is a big part of the new sports car. Mercedes-AMG has made the most of the car's bodywork, optimizing the design to increase stability and lower drag, but it's the two-piece Airpanel with vertical louvres that are extra special.

The system is basically active grille shutters, which isn't an innovation, but what's unique is that instead of just lowering drag, the Airpanel diverts air for less front lift at normal speeds. Part of the system doesn't fully open until the car reaches 180 km/h, at which point it allows for maximum cooling airflow. The whole system works along with a carbon fibre element that lowers 1.6 inches to reduce front lift and suck the car to the pavement. At the rear, a movable spoiler has five different positions to optimize for stability or top speed.

Like the prior AMG GT, the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe has a 4.0L twin-turbo V8. The AMG GT 63 Coupe will make 577 hp and 590 lb-ft, with an AMG GT 55 variant getting 469 hp and 516 lb-ft. The hand-built engine gets a new oil pan and active crankcase ventilation, but most of the power comes from more boost pressure and corresponding new engine calibration.

A nine-speed AMG Speedshift transmission with a wet start clutch instead of a torque converter handles the power. From there, it goes to the standard AMG 4Matic+ AWD system. The AWD unit can offer full rear drive or a 50:50 split front to rear depending on traction and dynamic needs, and a limited-slip rear differential makes sure both rear tires get power as needed.

Active Ride Control is standard on both AMG GT 63 and GT 55 models. The system has active hydraulic elements instead of traditional anti-roll bars and can compensate for body roll in fractions of a second. On top of that, adaptive dampers with hydraulic connections for both compression and rebound allow for a wider variation in spring rate and faster changes to deliver a car that can turn and stay comfortable, with rear-axle steering to improve stability and maneuverability.

AMG says that the 2024 AMG GT's cabin will be more spacious and offer more space for back-seat passengers and luggage, though it's still advertised as a 2+2 and not a true four-seater. AMG will offer both sport seats and heavily bolstered AMG Performance thrones, with the latter getting adaptive adjustable bolsters. Nappa leather, microfibre, and other fancy materials will be offered.

The new GT will be loaded with tech, including an AMG Track Pace data logger that stores more than 80 pieces of data, a performance steering wheel with hands-on detection, and extensive drive mode customization. The car will also have a driver assistance system that can bring it to a halt if the driver becomes unresponsive and that can show the driver where other vehicles are around them with a 3D visualization.

Mercedes-AMG board chair Michael Schiebe, calls the car "a clear commitment to the sports car made in Affalterbach," and said that it will combine dynamic driving and distinctive sportiness with high levels of comfort. Exactly what we expect from this flagship AMG model. Expect the new car at dealers in Canada in the second quarter of next year and, based on the car's history, for even more powerful models to follow.