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Canada's 25 best-selling cars in 2015
By Chris Chase
January 06, 2016

The Top 25 of 2015

Used Vehicle Review Update: Honda CR-V, 2007-2011
By Chris Chase
December 24, 2015

High resale values and a continued reputation for no-nonsense, reliable performance have helped the last-generation Honda CR-V maintain a po

Suiting up to Combat Impaired Driving
By Chris Chase
December 22, 2015

Don't drink and drive. It's that simple.

Infiniti banks on twin-turbo V6 to boost Q50 sales
By Chris Chase
December 16, 2015

Infiniti updates Q50 with big twin-turbo V6 power, but also a new entry entry level 2.0L turbo.

Bulletproof Tesla Model S Heading for Hollywood in The Brothers Grimsby
By Chris Chase
December 15, 2015

Tesla Model S gets cast as an assassin's bulletproof ride in Sacha Baron Cohen's latest cinematic creation.

Used Vehicle Review: Chevrolet Impala, 2000-2013
By Chris Chase
December 09, 2015

A popular used-car buy when affordability, size, space, comfort and power are priorities, the last-generation Chevrolet Impala was available

Canada's Most-Stolen Cars and Trucks in 2015
By Chris Chase
December 08, 2015

IBC released its annual list of most stolen cars in Canada.

Sophie tries to break this Volvo dump truck
By Chris Chase
December 04, 2015

Volvo lets a little girl run rampant in one of their trucks.

First Drive: 2016 Toyota RAV4
By Chris Chase
December 02, 2015

There are those who would tell you being popular is overrated, but in the auto industry, popularity equals profitability.

Ford will park your boat for you!
By Chris Chase
November 25, 2015

Now anyone can park a boat trailer.

Preview: 2017 Ford Escape
By Chris Chase
November 17, 2015

While the new look more closely links the brand's smallest crossover with its Edge and Explorer siblings, the highlights are a pair of new E

Evolution of Electronic Safety Systems
By Chris Chase
November 16, 2015

Modern automobiles contain a sophisticated array of active and passive safety systems.

Preview: 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show
By Chris Chase
November 12, 2015

What will see at the 2015 LA Auto Show?

Watch a truck driver defy physics to avoid a crash
By Chris Chase
November 03, 2015

Best truck driving, ever.

10 Things You Need to Know: 2016 Kia Optima
By Chris Chase
October 23, 2015

Is bigger better?

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