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Safety: Survey Reveals Top 5 Driving Distractions
By Andy Lin
June 11, 2015

Ontario recently passed legislation that boosted fines and added demerit point penalties for distracted driving.

Porsche comes to Forza Horizon 2
By Andy Lin
June 09, 2015

Whether you're a diehard 911 fan or curious about the 918 Spyder hybrid, the Porsche Expansion DLC for Forza Horizon 2 will let you get...

Which Car Manufacturer Has the Best Warranty?
By Andy Lin
May 26, 2015

Pop quiz: What's the best car warranty? The one you never have to use, of course! Trick question aside, warranty coverage can vary...

EA Teases Rebooted Need for Speed
By Andy Lin
May 21, 2015

Remember when Need for Speed was just about the driving? No? You're not alone.

Best Cars for Learning Drivers
By Andy Lin
May 13, 2015

Photos by staff. Ever hear the phrase "It's too much car for you"? Sounds like something from an '80s movie, right?...

Project CARS Launches on May 12th
By Andy Lin
May 04, 2015

Ultra-realistic and uniquely customizable racing opus Project CARS will be hitting store shelves on May 12th (the game will be available...

Car Kitsch Stories
By Andy Lin
April 28, 2015

It's easy enough to dismiss tacky automotive novelty items out of hand.

Mad Max Video Game is Intense
By Andy Lin
April 23, 2015

The hype around Mad Max: Fury Road is building fast. And it's not just movie buffs who are being treated to a new slice of the Mad Max...

Game of Thrones: Valar Automobilis – All Men Must Drive
By Andy Lin
April 15, 2015

Watching the season premiere on Sunday, we asked ourselves: if the characters of The Game of Thrones lived in the here and now, what...

Dealer Dash: takes mobile gaming for a spin
By Andy Lin
April 01, 2015

Tired of waiting for your virtual plants to grow? Has tapping on cartoon farm fields lost its appeal? Do you ever find yourself staring...

Trader Corporation returns to real estate with
By Andy Lin
April 01, 2015 will have its trial by fire in a sizzling housing market when it launches later this spring.

Boss Cars in Movies and Television
By Andy Lin
March 25, 2015

Where there is a boss, there is a boss car.

Lessons to Learn from Dashcam Videos
By Andy Lin
March 04, 2015

We've all seen dramatic dashcam videos of deadly crashes and close calls.

Flying Cars in Reality and Fiction
By Andy Lin
February 26, 2015

Flying cars have long been a mainstay of science fiction, dating as far back as the first traffic jam.

Jaguar Land Rover shows off three 007 SPECTRE cars
By Andy Lin
February 09, 2015

Two months after Aston Martin revealed the DB10's starring role in SPECTRE, Jaguar Land Rover has responded with three of its own...

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