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Honda Debuts Electrified Prelude Concept

Honda hinted that it might revive an iconic nameplate with the debut of the Prelude Concept at the 2023 Tokyo Mobility Show.

Honda says the electrified concept car embodies the "joy of driving" that is a cornerstone of its brand and history. There's very little information available at the moment, but the concept looks fun and captures the sporty spirit of the original Prelude well.

The concept also looks like it could realistically be put into production any day now. Honda has a good history of debuting concepts that end up closely resembling production models.

The tidy design presents a small two-door sports coupe that's about the same size as a Toyota 86 and features classic sports car proportions, very EV-like lighting, and short overhangs.

Honda has only one fully electric model on the way for the Canadian market (the Prologue crossover) and is considered quite late in entering the EV market. Honda says the Prelude concept is "electrified," which could mean hybrid, plug-in hybrid (PHEV), or a battery electric vehicle (BEV or EV), but it would make the most sense as a full EV. It's conceivable that it could even share the same platform as the upcoming Prologue, which has about 450 km of range.

Whatever the case, we hope the Honda Prelude Concept previews a production model that brings the Japanese brand into an EV era without forgetting its performance roots.