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Orders Reopen as 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Gets More Range, Price Cuts

Ford is reopening orders for the Mustang Mach-E electric vehicle, and the buyers ordering will find new battery packs with more range, more horsepower, and lower prices, as well as faster charging.

All standard-range versions of the Ford Mustang Mach-E will now be powered by lithium-ion phosphate battery packs. The new packs give eAWD models an extra 45 horsepower, bringing the total to 311 hp. Before now, the standard-range eAWD models made the same 266 hp as the RWD units.

Standard Range models of the Mach-E will get new official range estimates, though the increase is slight. The packs are now 72 kWh instead of 70 kWh, which boosts the RWD model from 397 km to 405 km of range and the AWD model from 360 km to 366 km. A more helpful upgrade happens at the plug, where Ford says 10 to 80 per cent Level 3 fast charging now takes five minutes less (at 33 minutes) than before. The packs are also better able to handle charging to 100 per cent at home.

BlueCruise, Ford's hands-off highway driving assistant, will now be offered on all Mach-E models. Regardless of trim, buyers will have the hardware included and can get a 90-day free trial. From there, they can buy the monthly subscription service. It can also be included at purchase with $2,500 getting you three years of the feature.

Ford substantially cut Mach-E pricing earlier this year on many grades and has issued a new price list that cuts some models by as much as $11,000. Some of those cuts are on top of the previous ones, making models significantly cheaper than at the start of the year.

The one that sees the biggest cut is the Premium RWD Extended Range. Ford lists that one as dropping from $77,995 to $66,995. That model also got one of the January cuts, which brought its price down from $84,995 at the start of the year. Ford took a similarly sized bite out of the Premium eAWD Extended Range, which now starts from $69,995. Not all models changed, though, and the base Select is still $56,995.

There's no word on when exactly orders placed today could expect delivery, but Ford said it is working to ramp up production and reduce wait times for buyers looking for lower prices.

2023 Ford Mach-E Pricing Changes: