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Mercedes-Maybach Launches its First EV with the EQS 680

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is already luxurious, but Maybach has just put its opulent spin on the electric SUV, making it the first EV to wear a Maybach badge.

As usual, this Maybach model gets more power. The EQS 680 makes 649 hp and 701 lb-ft from its electric motors and has an estimated range of up to 600 km on the generous Europen testing cycle. The air suspension has also been tuned to make the Maybach more coddling for its passengers.

Maybach has also introduced more sustainable materials and production. The leather seats, for example, are tanned with coffee bean shells, which is the first time Mercedes has done vegetable-tanned leather. Mercedes also saves 45 kg of salt from the production of each vehicle by using new leather preservation methods.


Mercedes also guarantees that the supply chain for the materials used in the cabin is free from illegal deforestation. Other resource-conscious materials include recycled aluminum and steel in the chassis.

The Maybach EQS gets a rear seat designed to cocoon the occupants. The rear seats have heat and massage, with neck and shoulder heating. It even has calf massaging.

A new centre console flows into the rear seats, giving rear passengers the same wood trim as the front. Rear seat occupants get thermal cup holders and a shelf for the rear-mounted MBUX tablet. Each rear passenger has an 11.6-inch display, while a fridge and champagne goblets are also available.

The optional two-tone paint is another Mercedes-Maybach signature. With a hand-painted pinstripe, it looks exquisite. A special Maybach grille and those stunning wheels make it clear this SUV sits at the top of the EQS range.

Maybach-specific screen animations include gauge pointers that flow like a scarf in the breeze. If that's not bougie enough for you, dozens of Maybach logos are scattered inside and out to ensure you never forget what you're being driven in.

No pricing has been announced yet, but it will likely be around $250,000, based on the rest of the Maybach and Mercedes lineup. Expect sales to start at the end of the year or in early 2024.