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2024 Porsche Cayenne Interior Revealed with Big Changes

The third-generation Porsche Cayenne was unveiled in 2018, and although the automaker has already confirmed the arrival of a purely electric variant, the strategists in Stuttgart still believe in the relevance of a gas-powered Cayenne.

The redesigned Cayenne will be unveiled on April 18 in Shanghai, China, but before the full debut of one of the most important models from the German brand, Porsche has revealed the SUV's interior. The Cayenne's new dashboard is strongly inspired by the one in the Taycan electric sedan. 


It all starts with the multifunction sports steering wheel borrowed from the 911, a feature that should improve a driver's feel of the road. The drive mode selection wheel (which offers Normal, Off-Road, Sport and Sport Plus modes) is now standard on all Cayenne models, under the right arm of the steering wheel.

There's also a new button that lets you change the appearance of the information screen behind the steering wheel, which is designed to keep the sun's glare away. Porsche says that the 12.6-inch floating curved screen can display up to seven different modes, including the brand's signature five-gauge display.

This rather radical change to the dashboard still retains the location to the left of the steering wheel for the starter button – every Porsche model is designed like this – but the gearshift lever is no longer on the centre console. The designers took the smaller one from the Taycan and integrated it between the information gauge and the 12.3-inch central touchscreen. There's even a third touchscreen for the front seat passenger, which we've also seen in the Taycan before.

This third screen allows the driver to relax a bit more while driving while their co-pilot takes care of navigation or audio source adjustments, for example. Moreover, the driver can't see this third screen from where they are sitting, which limits distractions. It will be possible to stream online content with this 10.9-inch wide screen.

An Increased Sense of Width

This redesign of the dashboard doesn't change the width of the vehicle, but it appears wider. At the base of the dashboard is a new shelf that extends to the air outlets at the ends of this large panel. The central nozzles have been relocated below this shelf, which should make it easier to steady your hand to use the touchscreen while driving.

The centre console has also evolved, notably by moving the gearbox lever to the right of the steering wheel, but there are also new haptic controls, levers, and a dial to adjust temperature settings. The door panels in the first row have also been redesigned to better fit in with the car's design.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are part of the updates, as are Spotify and Apple Music apps, but the new wireless charging pad is now cooled to increase its performance.

The debut of the 2024 Cayenne's interior shows that future Porsche models will use what's been implemented inside the Taycan, regardless of what's under the hood.

For more details on the full reveal of the new 2024 Porsche Cayenne, tune in on April 18.