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2024 Subaru Impreza Gets Aggressive Styling, Upgraded Engine

The 2024 Subaru Impreza is getting the Crosstrek treatment, with the redesigned compact hatchback getting power from the same upsized engine as its stilted sibling.

The biggest news this time around might be the discontinuation of the sedan – not exactly a surprising move, but a significant one for a small car that’s been available in both body styles since its inception some 30 years ago. Instead, only the hatchback lives on, with the same overall shape as before but with significant updates to the front end in particular.

After a generation of difference, the Impreza and sporty WRX look like similar cars again – ironic, given the latter only comes as a sedan – with the new hatch getting an aggressive grille and headlights. The interior has also been heavily revised, with the same portrait-oriented touchscreen found in other Subaru products available here, too.

Among the attention-grabbing details announced at the Los Angeles auto show is the return of the RS trim. While it’s certainly no WRX (and shouldn’t be confused for one), it brings with it a 2.5L four-cylinder engine that makes 182 hp and 178 lb-ft of torque. The rest of the lineup retains the 152-hp 2.0L engine of old.

The brand’s fans might recall that the Crosstrek, which started life as an Impreza hatch with a higher ground clearance, received the same upgraded engine a couple short years ago. By most accounts, it’s exactly what the little crossover needed, provided the punch it was missing without much penalty at the fuel pumps. It’s safe to assume the Impreza RS will do the same for this compact car, which is mechanically identical to the Crosstrek.

Beyond the engine, the RS gets revised suspension tuning and selectable drive modes through the brand’s SI-Drive system for something of a sportier experience when called upon. Regardless of which engine is powering the Impreza, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) acts as the conduit between output and the standard all-wheel drive system.

Pricing will be announced closer to the car’s arrival, which will be sometime next year.