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Electric Volvo EX90 SUV Debuts as Brand's Safest Model Yet

Volvo has just revealed its new flagship model, the fully electric Volvo EX90. The EX90 is a three-row crossover that will offer up to 600 km of range (on the generous European testing cycle) and more than 500 hp from its electric driveline. It will also get more driver assistance tech than any Volvo to come before it and will be the brand's most connected vehicle to date.

The first indicator of the Volvo EX90's many driver assistants is the small pod on the crossover's roof. Hidden in there are some of the SUV's many sensors, a suite that features cameras, radar, and even lidar sensors. The goal is to support autonomous driving once the software and legal issues are sorted out, but Volvo says this model has all the hardware it will need.

From the outside sensors, the EX90 will be able to see longer distances down the road. Detecting objects on the road day or night, near and far, the system will be able to give the driver more time to react to potential risks. The EX90 will have Volvo's hands-on driver assistance system at launch, and the improved sensor suite should improve the reliability and performance of the feature. It also allows assisted lane changes.

On the inside, Volvo's sensors will be monitoring the driver. The system will be able to identify when drivers are distracted, drowsy, just not watching the road, or otherwise incapacitated. From there, the EX90 will be able to alert the driver and eventually safely stop the vehicle and call for help if the driver is unresponsive.

Powering that system is the Nvidia Drive platform. The computer system will also run the EX90's infotainment system, which is built using Google's operating system. The EX90 will offer over-the-air updates to help improve the vehicle after it's purchased.

The Google infotainment system enables drivers to use Google Maps navigation and the Google Play app store. The nav system can be better integrated into other vehicle features this way, but wireless Apple CarPlay ensures users of those devices aren't left out. The system uses a 15-inch centre screen with a smaller dash display screen in front of the driver.

Under the bodywork that looks like a smoothed-out XC90 is Volvo's latest electric drive system. A twin-motor system will be offered at launch with a 111-kWh battery able to provide an estimated 600 km of range per the optimistic European WLTP cycle.

The motors turn that electricity into 517 hp and 671 lb-ft of torque, which should make this one of Volvo's quickest models ever. Volvo promises "a great and smooth driving experience."

Other tech highlights include phone key technology as standard. This will be the first Volvo with Dolby Atmos sound, which you can listen to through a 25-speaker Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

While the Volvo EX90 was revealed today, the company didn't announce when we should expect it at dealers. Stay tuned for that, along with pricing for Volvo's new flagship model.