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Honda Shows Us Prologue EV, Inside and Out

Honda's Prologue electric crossover is getting closer to market and the Japanese automaker has fully revealed what it looks like.

We knew that this new EV will share some of its components with models from General Motors, but we were expecting a compact EV sized like the popular CR-V. Instead, Honda is going big: the Prologue will be closer in size to the three-row Pilot and the Passport crossovers. The wheelbase, for example, is 3,094 mm long, 274 mm longer than the Pilot. Overall length will be 4,877 mm, putting it right between the Pilot and Passport.

With that footprint, Honda says, the Prologue will offer an absolutely massive 2,900 L of interior volume. Thank GM's scalable EV platform, which we've already seen on a range of GM vehicles including the Chevrolet Equinox EV and Blazer EV.

The Prologue will feature a panoramic roof, 21-inch wheels, and a nose that takes details from the Honda E sold elsewhere and scales them up.

In-cabin tech will include plenty of screens. Honda says it will have an 11-inch digital driver cluster and an 11.3-inch infotainment screen. The interior design will be familiar to both existing Honda owners (the screen and dash beam) and to existing EV owners. The latter will find a standalone frameless dash display that's common in current electrics from multiple brands.

“The all-new Prologue is another huge step in Honda’s electrification strategy in North America, which is already well underway,” says Steve Hui, assistant vice president of Honda Canada. “With the arrival of the all-new and built-in-Canada CR-V hybrid available to consumers this fall, we see the Prologue as a natural progression for those who may also consider a Honda EV in their future.”

Honda's plan is for the Prologue to start sales in 2024, likely as a model year 2025 vehicle. In 2026, Honda will launch its own electric architecture and produce its own EVs based on it. From 2027, Honda expects "a new series of affordable EVs" it will build in North America.