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First Look: Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Touches Down in Canada

Lamborghini this week invited media and customers to the Canadian debut of the Huracán Tecnica – a new rear-wheel drive Huracán model variant that will begin arriving on Canadian shores later this year.

The Huracán Tecnica takes the impressively powerful 5.2-litre V10 engine from the track-focused Huracán STO, which is rated at 631 horsepower and 417 lb-ft of torque, and wraps it up in a more approachable and comfortable package. It also integrates other tech from the high-performance STO, including rear-wheel steering, a fixed-ratio steering rack, and an adaptive suspension with selectable drive modes.

Supercar enthusiasts may notice the Huracán Tecnica, presented in Toronto in a striking shade of green referred to as Verde Selvans, looks quite a bit different than the “regular” Huracan EVO model. The introduction of the Huracan Tecnica allowed Lamborghini to apply some aerodynamic lessons it learned in its racing programs to a road car not as extreme as the STO, Lamborghini America CEO Andrea Baldi explained to AutoTrader, resulting in more aggressive styling that offers improved aerodynamics and brake cooling.

Baldi said the Huracán Tecnica should appeal to supercar enthusiasts who want a fast car they can take to the track, but may not desire a hardcore model like the STO or have much time to dedicate to the hobby of attending track days.

“We wanted to merge several souls that our customer in this segment wants to have,” Baldi said. “We want a person that works a lot during the week, that is very busy with an intense social life, also to be able to go to the racetrack and have a car that is extremely easy and accessible to use, but also extremely high performance.”

“[Now] we have a car that is really the result of all the lessons that we’ve learned, and so we couldn’t resist improving the [Huracán] one more time before we move into hybridization in 2024 on this product line,” he added. “And somehow also to not just improve on the [Huracán EVO RWD] but to take something from the STO that we could have on our everyday car.”

Canadian deliveries of the Huracán Tecnica will commence later this year, Baldi said, with prices starting at $279,630. The automaker began accepting orders for the vehicle in April, however, so customers who place an order now will be looking at a wait time of more than a year. The good news is Lamborghini buyers can rest easy knowing their vehicle will not be delayed due to the semiconductor chip shortage, Baldi explained, as Lamborghini gets priority access to these components through its parent company Volkswagen Group.

While the Tecnica represented an opportunity to improve on its V10 model one last time, that doesn’t mean it’s the final Huracán model variant. The Italian automaker is believed to be working on a production-ready version of the wild, off-road-ready Huracán Sterrato Concept from 2019 (above), and while he would not confirm it will arrive in Canada, Baldi acknowledges that this go-anywhere model would be the perfect fit for its Canadian customers.

“I imagine with the ground clearance, it will not fear any winter,” the Italian executive said with a smile.