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Electric Mercedes-AMG EQE Revealed with up to 518 km of Range

Mercedes-Benz is going wide open on bringing AMG performance models to its electric lineup. The latest model is the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE, which the German automaker will offer as an AMG with a pair of electric motors that generate up to 677 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque.

"The compact format of the EQE forms the perfect starting point for realizing a highly agile and very emotional driving experience with our AMG-specific solutions," said Chief Technology Officer Jochen Hermann.

AMG-specific solutions, in this case, start with a new powerful driveline. While some other countries will get a lower-performance 476-hp AMG EQE 43, Canada will get only the top-tier version with 626 hp and 701 lb-ft or 687 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque if the AMG Dynamic Plus package option is selected. Markets that get both cars will badge this one the AMG EQE 53, but in Canada, it will be simply the Mercedes-AMG EQE 4Matic+.

AMG-specific motors are used, the performance arm of Mercedes using special cooling elements like a water lance in the rotor shaft and special stator ribs to help it deliver top performance for longer periods. The motors also have six-phase windings in the rear and use an AMG-only inverter to allow higher motor speeds. The result is a 3.5-second sprint to 100 km/h or 3.3 seconds for cars with the Dynamic Plus package.

The battery pack used in the Mercedes-AMG EQE offers a 90.6-kWh usable capacity, using an AMG-specific tune on the battery management system. Part of that battery management system means a wiring harness upgraded to move more power through the system, with the control system being over the air update compatible, potentially adding more performance later.

The typically optimistic European range estimate is between 444 and 518 km for AMG EQE models, though Canadian figures will likely be lower, as our testing cycle is a bit more realistic. Charging happens at up to 170 kW on a suitable fast-charger, allowing up to 180 km of range to be added in 15 minutes, or home charging can be done at 11 kW, with 22 kW as an option. 

AMG Ride Control+ air suspension is included, attached to stronger AMG wheel carriers, suspension links, and stiffer anti-roll bars. Mercedes compares it to the suspension used on the AMG EQS and AMG GT four-door but adapted to the EQE. Two pressure-limiting valves are continuously variable, and Mercedes says they offer better control of each wheel. Rear-axle steering is included, allowing up to 3.6 degrees of rear turning to improve highway stability and in-town maneuvring.

Drive modes allow chassis changes including adaptations to the suspension and throttle, but also limit maximum output from the motors. Slippery mode cuts power to 50 per cent, Comfort to 85 per cent, and Sport+ mode must be engaged to get 100 per cent. Toggle Race Start with boost function, part of the AMG Dynamic Plus package, and it gives the EQE 110 per cent of its rated power output for a limited time. Sport and Sport+ modes also send more power to the rear wheels "in the interests of greater lateral dynamics."

The Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen cross-cabin touchscreen display will be an option, and we're not sure why you wouldn't pick the glorious display. European cars will allow passengers to watch movies or browse the web, but North American rules don't allow that feature in the name of regulations and safety. Other interior features include AMG graphics and special seat covers as well as an AMG Performance steering wheel complete with a flat bottom. Silver aluminum paddles behind the wheel let the driver adjust regeneration levels.

Looking like an EQS that was put in the dryer, the EQE uses the same one-bow line and cab-forward design. It sets them apart from the company's gas vehicles, though we imagine buyers of the larger EQS would like a bit more visual separation between EQE and EQS. The AMG cars have Digital Light lamps with AMG welcome animations, wider AMG side sills in gloss black, and a rear diffuser, as well as AMG-specific wheels.

Expect the 2023 Mercedes-AMG EQE to hit dealers in the fourth quarter of this year, a few months after the standard Benz EQE. Mercedes says that a dedicated AMG EV model is on the way as well, "in the not too distant future," with the AMGs based on a new AMG-designed platform.