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Official EV Range for BMW i4 and iX Crushes Estimates

BMW has just confirmed official range figures for the iX and i4 EVs. The figures are notably higher than the brand's earlier estimates, which will likely be appreciated by people who have already placed orders on these new electric vehicles.

For the 2022 BMW iX, the brand's new electric crossover, the 516-hp xDrive 50 version with 20-inch wheels has an official range estimate of 521 km. That's 46 km more than BMW had originally estimated, or about 10 per cent. The figure puts the BMW just shy of the 549-km estimate of a Tesla Model X Performance on the same-sized wheels.

The larger 21 and 22-inch wheels cut range slightly. An estimate of 491 km with the 21-inch wheels is a big cut, but the figure for the 22-inch wheels is 507 km, so if you're going to go big, you might as well go all out.

Other versions of the vehicle, including the xDrive40 and M60, still haven't been officially rated for range.

BMW's final range figures for the i4 jumped even more, with an increase of 13 per cent for the 536-hp i4 M50, now 435 km when equipped with 19-inch wheels. BMW's i4 eDrive40, the 355-hp rear-drive model, offers the longest range for the sedan with 484 km. The 19-inch wheels drop the range to 454 km, and the 20-inch wheels on the M50 xDrive cut that model to just 365 km of range.

BMW says the new models, including the $89,990 iX xDrive50 and $54,990 BMW i4 Drive40, are set to arrive at showrooms by the end of next month. Reservations for the electric vehicles are already open online through the company's website as well as through showrooms.