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Infiniti Adds Wireless CarPlay and InTouch Telematics to 2022 Q50

The Infiniti Q50 receives some new tech for 2022, including standard wireless Apple CarPlay, along with the brand's InTouch Services Telematics. The model lineup has also been simplified, dropping the Essential Tech grade and moving some of those features down to Luxe. The 2022 Infiniti Q50 starts from $44,295 and arrives at dealers later this month.

The wireless Apple CarPlay upgrade applies to all trims of the vehicle, though Android Auto doesn't see the same upgrade and remains wired only. The front-cabin USB-C port is now a connection port and not just a charge outlet. The now-standard InTouch telematics system includes live traffic and road closure information, Google Calendar integration, remote vehicle unlocking through your smartphone, and emergency services notifications. It also adds a Wi-Fi hotspot to the vehicle.

While the Essential Tech trim is gone, its Bose 16-speaker audio system is now standard on the Luxe trim. The leather seats found on that trim have been added to Luxe as well. The other highlights of that model, including a body-colour spoiler, can be found on the Sport Tech model.

All Q50 models use a 3.0L twin-turbo V6, making 300 hp in the standard cars and 400 hp in the Red Sport-trim vehicles. All-wheel drive is also standard across the line with a seven-speed automatic.

2022 Infiniti Q50 Canadian Pricing

Pure: $44,295
Luxe: $48,995
Sport Tech: $56,595
Red Sport I-Line: $59,295
Red Sport I-Line ProActive: $62,295