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Toyo Proxes Sport A/S Tire Review

Coming off my snow tires after a long and dreadful winter, I was excited to return to the crisper handling, better fuel economy, and quieter operation of a good set of all-seasons. The Toyo Proxes Sport A/S tire is relatively new and claims to be an “ultra high-performance passenger tire” for use on sportier cars and SUVs that provides “maximum handling capabilities while providing luxury comfort.” I’ve always fancied my 2015 Volkswagen Golf as a fun-to-drive vehicle, and while it might be more pedestrian than the vehicles this type of tire was designed for, it proved to be a good match.

While this tire claims to be suitable for all seasons, that really means three seasons here in most of Canada, and we still always encourage drivers who encounter snow or temperatures under 7°C to invest in a dedicated set of winter tires.

This set of tires was tested from mid-May to the end of July in a variety of wet and dry conditions throughout Southern Ontario in both city, suburban, and highway driving.

Ride Comfort

A lot goes into designing a tire, and without going through all the engineering details regarding this tire’s sipes, rubber compounds, asymmetric design, tread design, and different grooves, this set mostly delivers on its promises. This tire feels more focused on handling than luxury, however, and those looking for a cushier ride should likely look elsewhere because the sidewalls are quite rigid, which means the tires aren’t as good as soaking up rough roads or rail tracks than a more luxury-focused tire. I also found these tires to be noisier than what could be considered typical during highway driving, even when compared to my set of winter tires. Neither of these are bad enough to be deal-breakers.

Handling and Performance

What these tires give up in smoothness and comfort, however, they make up for in handling, especially when it’s raining. I was thoroughly impressed by how well these tires stuck to the road during some awful rainstorms, and on drenched stretches of road where I have hydroplaned before, these tires kept my car confidently tracking in my intended direction. Pushed through an on-ramp on wet pavement, the tires felt grippy and there was no sign of slippage. Whether during accelerating, cornering, or braking, the tires’ performance was consistently solid on wet roads.

On dry pavement, the tires perform admirably as well, providing the right type of stability and handling I expect from a performance tire without the bone-rattling stiffness that comes with summer-only performance tires. It’s a great balance. These Toyos respond well to steering input with quick directional changes and with longer, sweeping inputs as well.

The Verdict

Overall, I’m impressed with the wet-weather performance and added confidence these Proxes Sport A/S tires provide. I wish they rode a bit softer and were a bit quieter, but the handling benefits in both dry and wet weather far outweigh any impact on comfort. If you have a sportier driving style and experience a decent amount of rain, these tires should meet your needs well.

MSRP for the Proxes Sport A/S ranges from $212 per tire for the smallest 205/55R16 size to $666 for the largest 315/25R22 fitment.

These tires were provided free of charge for the purpose of this review. As always, we remain committed to full transparency and objective reporting.