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Shocking Video Shows Stolen Vehicle Driving Dangerously on Toronto Sidewalk

A terrifying video posted to Facebook shows a vehicle travelling rapidly up a cluttered sidewalk as the driver allegedly attempts to flee the scene of a crime. It was filmed this past weekend in the Parkdale area of Toronto.

According to CP24, the vehicle had been reported stolen on Sunday evening. This video appears to have been filmed shortly after the vehicle was stolen, and states the footage was shot from a building on Jameson Avenue near the intersection of King Street West.

In the 14 second clip, a dark red SUV that looks to be a Suzuki Grand Vitara can be seen driving at a high rate of speed up a narrow sidewalk. You can hear it strike several objects as well as what appears to be either a bicycle or possibly a cyclist and then narrowly misses at least one other pedestrian.

The vehicle slows slightly and turns east onto King Street West and proceeds in the oncoming lane of traffic until out of view. While police sirens can be heard, they do not appear to yet be in pursuit of the vehicle.

The report says that Toronto police were sent to the area following calls of a vehicle being driven on the sidewalk. Before police arrived at the scene, officers say that the driver of the vehicle struck a fence and then left on foot.

Shockingly, no injuries were reported as a result of this abhorrent exercise in driving, and police continue to investigate.