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2017-2020 Infiniti Q60 Coupe Used Vehicle Review

Vehicle Type

Premium coupe


Replacing the long-lived G-series coupe, the sleek and stylish Infiniti Q60 hit the road for 2017 with new power, new features, and no shortage of innovative new safety and convenience technologies that intended to create a memorable drive.

With the full luxury amenities of a premium sedan, this more personal two-door take on the Infiniti luxury experience is easy to drive, easy to live with, equipped for all weather conditions, and built to create lasting grins.

Drivers can quickly adjust various vehicle parameters to control the ride and drive, engaging custom or preset drive modes that adjust the way the Q60 feels and responds.

There’s decent room at the front seats, rear seats can hold a couple adults in an absolute pinch, at-hand storage and charging provisions near the driver are more than adequate, and the trunk is big enough for a load of groceries, or a weekend road trip’s worth of luggage for two.

Upscale equipment included climate-controlled seating, adaptive cruise control, premium lighting, a quality stereo system, sunroof, keyless access, surround-view parking camera system, and more.


The highest-performing Q60 units run a 400-hp 3.0L V6 with twin turbochargers for loads of power and torque. A more modest 300-hp version of this engine is available, as is a 2.0L four-cylinder with a single turbo. All models get a seven-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. The Q60 was offered with both rear- and all-wheel drive.

What Owners Like

The Q60 owners’ community largely reports a daily-ready driving experience, good performance in all weather conditions, a nicely trimmed cabin, and highly flexible performance. Here’s a sports coupe that’s ready for a sporty backroads drive, a highway road trip, or anything in between.

What Owners Dislike

Gripes may include a clumsy-to-use dual-screen infotainment system, rough ride quality on some surfaces, a low-resolution back-up camera image, and giant doors that need to be operated with extra care to avoid impacts with nearby vehicles and infrastructure.

Belt Check

If you’re opting for a 2017 model, be on the lookout for signs of an issue with drive belt failure reported by some owners. In some cases, the belt may be visibly misaligned on its pulley. A loud squealing sound in certain situations while the engine is running is another possible trouble sign.

An Infiniti dealer can quickly inspect for (and address) any issues you may have if you notice this problem, or if it develops later. Taking this check seriously can prevent headaches. Specifically, that’s because a failed drive belt could stop the engine (and your trip) dead in its tracks, and even cause damage to other systems and parts.

Avoid Modifications

Some Q60 owners have modified their vehicles with non-factory parts and software to increase performance from the engine. In many online discussions relating to problems and fixes for the Q60, modifications like these have caused headaches varying from small to large. The average shopper is best to avoid a unit that’s ever been modified for maximum peace of mind.

Sluggish Performance

Some owners have reported sluggish or inconsistent performance from the Q60’s engine in certain situations. Many have not. In this discussion, the issue is traced back to engine control software within the engine computer.

Translation? If the Q60 you’re test-driving exhibits signs of weak or inconsistent performance, have the vehicle inspected by a technician to avoid unnecessary headaches. A simple software update to the engine control unit is a likely fix to problems like this, which tend to be electronic and not mechanical in nature.

Take Vibrations Seriously

Unwanted vibrations are a common problem across a multitude of used vehicles, and often they have a fairly simple and easy fix. Purchasing a used Q60 with any sign of an undiagnosed vibration is a bad idea that can cost you time and money.

Be on the lookout for unwanted vibrations from the Q60 you’re considering as you make your test drive. You may notice these through the steering wheel, the front end, or the entire body of the vehicle. Drive at various speeds and throttle positions to try and coax unwanted vibrations out of the Q60 as you drive.

Some owners have reported frustrating vibrations that take multiple attempts to fix, sometimes, with no resolution. Most have not.

The Verdict

Though the Q60 Coupe does give test-driving shoppers a few areas to check out carefully, the majority of current owners seem to be reporting a fuss-free experience from a flexible, comfortable and thrilling two-door luxury coupe that they enjoy driving regularly.

Safety Ratings


Here’s a list of recalls.