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Genesis X Concept Car Debuts, Previewing a High-Performance EV

Genesis always hits hard with its concept cars and has continued the tradition with the surprise unveiling of the new Genesis X Concept, a design study that previews what a high-performance electric vehicle (EV) from the brand could look like.

A two-door concept car, the Genesis X is built around an electric powertrain and features the brand’s now-signature design cue of “Two Lines,” which starts at the headlights and wraps around the entire car, ending at the taillights. With a clamshell hood that integrates the hood and bumper, creating a more cohesive look, and a long hood, wide stance, and short rear, it calls to mind the silhouette of classic performance coupes. As a grand touring coupe, this EV is meant to focus on both performance and long-distance comfort.

The interior of the Genesis X Concept is also a highlight, showcasing a blend of traditional luxury and modern high-tech touches. One of the coolest features is a spinning crystal sphere on the centre console that acts as the car’s gear selector. It looks like something you might see in a control centre in a spaceship from a sci-fi show. There are no hard buttons inside and it appears that drivers would control certain functions via a large screen that connects the gauge cluster with the centre stack under a single panel of glass that wraps around the driver's right side. Upcycled materials are also used throughout the cabin, a nod to the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Although this is just a concept car, Genesis has committed to bypassing plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and investing heavily into full EVs.

“It's really part of the DNA of the company to be bold, to be progressive,” said Steve Flamand, Director of Product and Corporate Strategy for Genesis Motors Canada in an interview with, on why the company is taking an unusual path by going straight to EV.

“Through the unveiling of some of the concept models, a really, really strong line in the sand is being drawn,” he said, adding that while there is an obvious environmental aspect to this decision, “we can't discount the performance that comes with it.”

Expect Genesis to unveil its first full electric vehicle in the near future. recently spotted what appeared to be a camouflaged electric G80 sedan charging at the company’s Canadian headquarters, indicating that a new model is imminent.