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11 Defining Details of the 2022 Genesis GV70

When it comes to luxury vehicles, details are everything. With the 2022 Genesis GV70, the Korean automaker is showing it belongs alongside the very best in the industry. In developing and designing its first compact crossover, the brand isn’t skimping or compromising on its vision of bringing the total Genesis experience to one of the most popular automotive segments today.

We took a close look at the new luxury crossover and came away impressed. Here’s what stood out to us and will surely help the GV70 emerge as a star among competitors like the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, BMW X3, and Lexus NX.

Signature Lines

As Genesis establishes itself and its design language, it has shown a few recurring themes and signatures. For example, the "G-Matrix" pattern in the grille repeats itself throughout the exterior and interior of the vehicle – even the 21-inch wheels include this design. Two lines flow from the sides of the grille, echoing the Genesis logo of a shield with wings. The two lines start at the headlights, form the shoulder lines, and end with the taillights.

Elongated Hood

There’s another unique design choice found on the hood. Take note of the slight extension of the hood, cresting over the nose of the vehicle. At first glance, it looks like a misaligned panel, but this is a deliberate design decision to help the GV70 look more aggressive and sporty. Due to this lip, the design team had to incorporate extra weatherproofing under the hood to ensure that performance and reliability aren’t impacted. It sounds like a lot of effort for one design cue, but that’s how you know Genesis isn’t glossing over a single detail.

Exhaust Tips

The pre-production model we got to preview was the Sport model, which is why it featured a larger, lower grille and openings in the front fascia and massive cylindrical exhaust exits. These aren’t fake openings with the real exhaust placed underneath the bodywork as is so common these days – they're the real deal. Buyers that opt for non-Sport models also get a stylish exhaust exit, but with a vertical, rectangular design.

Eye-popping Colours and Flat Matte Finishes

As seen with the G80 and GV80, the GV70 offers many colourful paint finishes. In addition to a palette of rich hues, buyers will also find unusual colours like burgundy or green. Genesis will be offering four matte finishes – green, white, grey, and burgundy – for the first time on the GV70. The luxury crossover segment can seem pretty homogenous, and the variety of colours will help the GV70 stand out.

Real Carbon Fibre and Gorgeous Interior Accents

When we peeked into the cabin of the new GV70, we were surprised to see carbon fibre accents on the door panels. Genesis said that it was authentic carbon fibre and proudly showcased its other interior accents, including a silvery carbon-aluminum trim and a 3D-textured layered edge trim. The driver and passengers alike can see and feel the quality of the car through these distinctive materials. These accents, combined with various coloured seating materials (including blue, red, brown, and, again, burgundy leather), help bring a bespoke feel to the crossover.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is nothing new to luxury car buyers, but the GV70 incorporates its lighting prominently throughout the cabin. With certain interior configurations, the ambient lighting will even shine through trim panels and showcase a distinctive pattern. If you’re paying for a luxury car, you want the vehicle to capture your attention with the smallest details and that’s where the GV70 succeeds.

Fingerprint Reader

We have fingerprint readers on our phones and laptops, why not our cars too? The GV70 has a fingerprint reader on the dash behind the steering wheel, so even if you forget your keys, you can still fire up the crossover. Starting a car with your fingerprint alone may sound like science fiction, but the GV70 goes a step further, matching your fingerprint to your driver profile, automatically recalling your preferred climate control, seating, and media presets.

Rear Occupant Detection

The innovative new tech continues with the rear occupant alert. While other automakers offer this functionality by monitoring door-opening sequences or using weight sensors in the seats, Genesis uses radar that detects rear passengers, even those making the smallest movements, like a sleeping baby, for example. Using these sensors, the vehicle will remind drivers if they've left something or someone in the back seat.

3D Gauge Cluster

Like the G80 and GV80, the GV70 will also offer a 3D gauge cluster. This display uses a pair of infrared cameras to track the driver’s eye movement and present an individual image to each eye, creating a 3D effect. The real-world benefit is debatable, but there’s no question that the immersive display technology sets Genesis apart.

Organic Shapes and Elliptical Interior Panels

Step into the cabin and you’ll find ovals and organic shapes everywhere, from the interior trim to the control panels. This purposeful design decision brings to mind the wings or airfoils of a plane. While other automakers evoke a literal cockpit with conservatively shaped squares and rectangular button pods, Genesis takes this inspiration in a more metaphorical fashion.

A New Infotainment Controller

While the GV70 borrows a few features from its stablemates, the automaker made the curious decision to modify its infotainment controller. In the GV80 and G80, the rotary controller brought to mind an old iPod scroll wheel. It was set flush into the console, with a spinning outer controller and central push button. In the GV70, the controller is a much larger knob that sits on the surface of the console, similar to the BMW iDrive controller. You’ve probably seen other automakers (cough, Lexus) stick to certain infotainment controllers over the years despite being a usability nightmare, but Genesis heard what people were saying about its approach and quickly adjusted.

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Whether luxury or mainstream, the compact crossover market is a hotly contested battleground. Arriving in the second half of 2021, Genesis is going head to head with some of the best in the industry, including the BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC-Class. By offering two turbocharged powertrains (a 2.5L four-cylinder and a 3.5L V6), tons of high-tech and useful features, as well as plenty of eye-catching style, the new 2022 Genesis GV70 has a real chance to dethrone the giants of the segment.