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Stray Dog Visits Hyundai Dealership, Gets Offered a Job

It's no secret that humankind has a soft spot for dogs, but one Hyundai dealership in Brazil has formed a heartwarming relationship with its newest four-legged employee.

Earlier this year, the dealership noticed a stray dog wandering around the location. The employees assumed it would eventually find a new place to loiter, but for whatever reason (maybe it was really impressed by the Sonata Hybrid’s fuel economy), the dog simply wouldn’t move on.

On one rainy night, the dealership's manager took pity on the poor pooch and invited it in for some food and water. Whether it was fate or the dog's incredible charm, a connection was formed and the dealership decided to adopt the dog. He received a full checkup, all his shots, and officially became a part of the team.

They gave him the name Tucson Prime, likely after one of his favourite models. He was even given an employee badge and title: “Pawfessional Consultant.” Talk about climbing the corporate ladder!

Tucson Prime proved to be great at greeting customers, making him a valuable addition to the team. He helped improve morale and customers even returned to the store to visit him or give him gifts. He probably helped show how pet-friendly many of Hyundai’s models are.

Tucson Prime has earned the attention of Hyundai Brazil and may even star in one of the company’s national ad campaigns. He could be the next big thing in Mutt Marketing since Air Bud!

The dog has been getting a lot of attention on social media, and despite his newfound celebrity status, the team has kept him on a tight leash, as his Instagram account shows him still hard at work.

If there’s one surefire way to improve any dealership experience, it’s to employ dogs. This Brazilian dealership not only took that advice, making their shop more pet-friendly but improved this life of a stray dog in the process.


Source: boredpanda and Instagram