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Canadian Company in Charge of Ford GT Supercar Launches Specialty Vehicle Division

The auto industry all-stars at Multimatic, Inc. have launched a new performance division that will be responsible for the most outrageous projects the company pumps out.

Already cranking out some of the coolest cars and technology on the road and race track today, the company is compiling it all under one roof and calling it Multimatic Special Vehicle Operations (MSVO). According to the company, MSVO will be responsible for projects like the Ford GT supercar, as well as all motorsports engineering projects and race team operations.

Multimatic Motorsports, which is the only Canadian race team to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans, will continue to operate out of facilities in North America and Europe. MSVO will also take charge of low-volume body, chassis, and component supply, as well as carbon-fibre parts production.

“After 32 years of continued growth, the size and diversity was becoming limiting,” Larry Holt, who will head up MSVO as executive vice-president, said in a statement. “High-volume component and systems engineering ultimately requires a different approach to the development of an entire low-volume vehicle and so the management of those types of projects has now been split.”

The other side of the company will continue on as Multimatic Engineering, building mass-produced parts like suspension components and hinges. Ford veteran Jim Holland will lead the Multimatic Engineering side of the company.

The significance here, of course, is that Multimatic is based in Markham, Ont., and the company truly is the crown jewel of Canada’s contributions to the global auto industry. From the Ford GT supercar to the Ford Mustang GT4 customer race car and Mazda’s factory prototype race car, the firm already has some impressive feathers in its cap.

Multimatic also supplies the fantastic spool valve dampers that have been used in everything from high-performance Chevrolet Camaros to the Ford GT, Aston Martin One-77, and Mercedes-AMG GT supercars, and even the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 off-road pickup.