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Car Caught Doing Donuts, Shooting Fireworks in Toronto Intersection

Police over the long weekend responded to reports of a Ford Mustang doing donuts and shooting fireworks in a Toronto intersection for a crowd of about 300 spectators.

Taking stunt driving to the next level and clearly upping the ante by adding more theatrics than the previous Mustang that was caught doing donuts in an intersection, the Sunday event was not only highly illegal, but also violated the government-mandated social distancing measures. The stunt, which police confirmed happened in Etobicoke, part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), was caught on camera by many bystanders.

It seems that stunt drivers taking advantage of quiet roads are becoming more reckless and reports of this type of activity are becoming more common. From Mustangs doing donuts in intersections to teens getting clocked going over 300 km/h on the highway, and even a group of skateboarders riding down a normally busy Toronto highway, Global News reports that the city has seen a 600 per cent increase in stunt driving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Police are still investigating this incident, according to Blog TO.