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Watch: YouTubers Make Drivable Supercar Replicas From Cardboard

Many of us can’t afford Bugattis or Lamborghinis, but some enterprising YouTubers from Vietnam have an interesting solution: Just make your own! All you need is some cardboard, maybe a bicycle, and a whole lot of imagination.

The YouTubers from NHẾT TV chronicle their budget-friendly builds and, so far, they’ve crafted a Lamborghini Aventador, a Bugatti Chiron, a few motorcycles, a Ferrari FXX-K, and more. The coolest part is that a lot of these cardboard creations are sort of drivable. They created the Ferrari for about $100 and the “supercar” (we use the term extremely loosely here) is complete with headlights, scissor doors, and pedal power.

“I am a student and very passionate about supercars,” the subtitles say in one video. “I wish I had a Ferrari but I only have $100 and I will own a supercar my way.”

The videos walk viewers through the various stages of the builds and how the YouTubers fabricate everything from the underlying structure and cardboard bodywork to how they power their ambitious project cars.

Check out a few examples of their builds below. They're not in English, but some of them have subtitles:

Hat tip to Carscoops for finding this!